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In my opinion, the best thing about FlyWheel Local is that unlike other solutions it doesn’t have an awful user experience and ugly interface. FlyWheel Local is just beautiful to work with.

WordPress Demo URLs

In this day and age, it is vital to always have mobile in mind when developing websites, especially when using WordPress. However, previously when developing locally one could only work on the website and preview the website on the computer that the installation is on because that is where all of the files are.

However, now with FlyWheel local, you can use Live Link. Live Link allows you to share preview links with anyone so that you’re not the only one that gets to see the site as you develop.

WordPress Blueprints

FlyWheel Local aims to simplify repetitive tasks and make your life easier. Blueprints allow you to create and re-use templates when creating installations so that you don’t need to make the same modification hundreds of times.

Local SSL Support

We all know how vital Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) is, and having it when working with local WordPress websites is just perfect.

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Posted by Alex

Founder & CEO of The Mainframe