AWS Lightsail, which launched in 2016, was Amazon’s answer to the rise of Digital Ocean (the platform we use to host this site) and other affordable virtual private server (VPS) options. Lightsail started as a pretty basic service, but over the course of the last two years, AWS added features like block storage, Windows support and additional regions.

Today, Lightsail announced two new plans and is cutting the price of most Linux-based instances in half. The Windows-based instances are also getting cheaper, through the price cut is more like 30%.

Their smallest Linux instance is the only one that didn’t get a full 50% cut but still came down from $5.00/mo to $3.50/mo. Depending on your requirements, that instance can be enough to run some projects and for development use. The rest of the prices now closely match the pricing of Digital Ocean’s ‘droplets’.

All instance types come with attached SSD storage, SSH access, a static IP address and all of the other features you’d expect from a VPS hosting service.

The Windows instances cost a bit more, of course, partially because those Windows licenses aren’t free after all. The plans now start at $8 per month for the 512 MB instance.

The recent changes to Amazon’s Lightsail pricing plans make it a much more viable option for people to host their self-funded projects (like this one!).


Posted by Alex

Founder & CEO of The Mainframe