? Multiple phone numbers

The OpenPhone app now supports the management and handling of calls and texts for multiple phone numbers rather than just one. The pricing structure is, however, the same for your second number as it is for your first, so it’s $9.99 per month (per phone number).

? Business Hours

You are now able to manage the hours in which you wish to receive calls and respond to them, and assign those where you know that you are going to be unavailable so that they can go straight to voicemail. This was previously possible but it required changing the availability setting in the app manually.

Multi-device sync and a ton of performance improvements

For those of us who use OpenPhone on more than one device at a time, performance and synchronization have been improved massively, increasing the value of the service for businesses which provide access to multiple employees.

Ditch your second phone, hassle and start running your business properly with OpenPhone for just $9.99/month!

I’ll be posting more about my experiences with OpenPhone and using a phone in modern-day business, so stay tuned.

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Posted by Alex

Founder & CEO of The Mainframe