Anchor has streamlined the entire process of podcast advertising. Now, with Sponsorships, Anchor gets podcasters paid by matching them with sponsors and helping them easily create custom advertisements for their shows. It’s a new world for podcast advertising, and anyone can be part of it.

Anchor’s goal has been to create the most complete podcasting platform ever. First with a platform for easy creation, editing and distribution – yet there’s always been a huge hurdle to getting a successful podcast off the ground: most podcasters still have a hard time monetizing and making a profit from what they do.

As Anchor noted in their official announcement, money is pouring into podcast advertisements more than ever. It’s expected to double to nearly $700M just by 2020. Despite this, there’s still a lack of connection between the majority of podcasters in the industry and what’s happening at the top of the market – most of the ad spend is going towards the top ~1% of podcasters so the little guys (the ones trying to start a podcast and breakthrough in a crowded segment) are left behind.

It often takes around 50,000 downloads per episode before a podcaster can catch meaningful attention from potential sponsors. Once they do, it’s a manual, highly inefficient process to broker a deal and get ads published.


Enter Anchor Sponsorships – bridging the gap.

The goal of Anchor Sponsorships is to revolutionize the entire podcast advertising process by streamlining it into a single platform – connecting podcasters with the brands that want to sponsor them. It’s officially the first podcast advertising platform open to podcasters of all sizes, regardless of how many plays a show gets, or the size of a marketing budget.

So, who’s starting a podcast now? 😉

Who knows? Maybe The Mainframe will start a podcast soon – only time will tell, but Anchor not only streamlining but also simplifying the process to make it more enjoyable is making podcasting so much more appealing and really breaking down the barriers to entry.


Posted by Alex

Founder & CEO of The Mainframe