4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Domain Name

As you may already know, The Mainframe recently rebranded, so choosing a new domain name and business name is something that we’ve recently had to deal with. Today, we’re going to take a look at some things you should keep in mind when you’re choosing your own domain name (and business name) so you don’t run into the same issues that I ran into.

If you’re interested in why we rebranded, you can learn more here: https://themainframe.ch/rebrand

1. Avoid symbols at all costs

Whatever domain name you choose, you have to avoid symbols. Before we rebranded, when The Mainframe was still known as ThePhotographyBlog, our domain name was https://the-photographyblog.com and hence my email was [email protected] Having to explain that my domain name had a dash/hyphen in it never failed to annoy me and confuse anyone I did it to. Similarly, try whatever you can to keep the name short and memorable rather than making it long – as a general rule of thumb try not to choose a name that has more than 12 characters (at most).

2. Check if the name is available on social media

You’re choosing the name of your business in the future, this is a choice that you’ll live with for a while, unless you want to rebrand in the future, which is not something you should aim for. The chances are that you want to settle on a domain and business name that you like now so you can focus on building a really strong brand without worrying about whether you chose the right name and if you should change it all the time.

Make sure that the names are available on social media before jumping for a domain name.

3. Wait but not too long

This might not seem like good advice, but domains are really only $12/year so if you find a domain name that you like it might not be worth sleeping on it. When I was rebranding The Mainframe, it took me ages to settle on a domain name because I watched some perfect names get snatched up from right under my nose. So my recommendation would be to spend time thinking about your domain name but once you find something that’s good – as in memorable, of decent length and available with the extension you want, then I would go for it.

4. Don’t take the extension lightly

Put some thought into the extension you want. Obviously, the number one choice would always be to get the .com version of whatever domain name you want, however this is not always available. For example, The Mainframe itself wasn’t available with the .com extension so rather than adding a hyphen or dash, I made the decision to go for .ch extension since this is the extension from my home country of Switzerland anyway.

Finding a good domain name is only going to get more difficult with time, so from this point forward the choice is up to you, good luck!

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