Google Tasks – Any task, any goal. Get things done.

Along with the big reveal of the new Gmail, Google also introduced Google Tasks.

Although Gmail previously supported task creation, it was annoyingly hard to find – I bet you didn’t even know it existed, but that’s all changing with the redesign. Tasks are moving to the forefront – along with Google Keep notes and Google Calendar, Tasks is now accessible right from Gmail’s sidebar.

On its own, the app is a standard to-do lists app. The app keeps things simple letting you choose a date to be reminded but not a specific time; which might put some people off because it doesn’t really allow for precise time management. 

I personally wouldn’t say that any of what Google Tasks offers on its own is innovative or incredible. However, what makes the app different from every other app with similar functionality, and actually worthwhile is the integration with other Google services that you use every single day. If you’ve tried using other to-do apps, you’ll quickly realize how difficult it is to make them a part of your everyday workflow; Google Tasks fixes that.

The app is available as a free download on iOS and Android.

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