Hardcore fans share their opinions on Apple’s most overpriced products

Opinions about Apple’s products are not unknown due to the popularity of their products. They have been labelled as ‘overpriced’ for years. Many of Apple’s competitors have positioned their products to purposely be an affordable alternative to Apple products; trying to grasp as much market share as they can. Apple offers first-class customer care and other post-sale services that no other company has ever come close to, and this experience is what customers are thought to be paying for. Millions of Apple fans are eager and happy to pay for this service.

As an Apple fan myself, I still support Apple’s beautiful, and amazing products. However, in a recent thread on Reddit, some of Apple’s biggest supporters discussed their opinions on what they believe to be Apple’s most overpriced products.

$19 for a tiny little wall adapter? $25 for a 3-foot Lightning cable? There’s a reason why third-party iPhone, iPad, and Mac accessories are so wildly popular. Here’s a perfect example: that USB-C to Lightning cable Apple charges $25 for is only $11 from a third-party on Amazon. And of course cables and power adapters are just the tip of the iceberg.

In a thread from earlier this week titled “What in your opinion is Apple’s most overpriced product?” fans in the r/apple subreddit congregating to voice their opinions on Apple’s most overpriced products. More than 630 comments were posted as of the time of this writing, and they covered some likely candidates as well as some surprises.

The comment with the most up-votes in the thread was made by a user who thinks that $30 is far too much to charge for the Apple Pencil leather case. The $200-$300 Apple coffee table book was mentioned as well.

Another popular suggestion wasn’t a specific Apple product, but rather the exorbitant prices Apple charges for RAM upgrades. “Yeah, it costs $1400 to upgrade from 8GB to 64GB of RAM on the new iMac. That means they are charging more money for 56GB more RAM than they charge for the 128GB MacBook Pro which is $1299,” one user noted.

Other suggestions with plenty of up-votes include Apple’s $20 4-pack of Apple Pencil tips, iPhone cables, MacBook chargers, Apple Watch chargers, Apple Watch Bands, and even the Mac Pro itself, which users believe should have seen more substantial price drops considering how old it is.

The full thread is an interesting read, and you’ll find it right here.

Zach Epstein  

Via: BGR.com

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