Meet The Mainframe – here’s why we rebranded.

Meet The Mainframe

I launched ThePhotographyBlog in 2011, when I was 11 years old and have been devoting my time towards producing content, serving subscribers and designing websites under the brand name that some even referred to as my pseudonym. When ThePhotographyBlog launched, it was all about photography; all my content revolved around teaching people how to take better pictures, but that didn’t last long. A little under a year later, the majority of content began to revolve around technology, business and marketing – sparsely populated by some photography-centric content.

The original name was no longer representative of the brand and business I was building. As a matter of fact, it began misrepresenting what I do; people thought that all of my content was about photography and were just confused when I told them that I also created content unrelated to photography altogether.

It was definitely time to rebrand and reposition myself.

Not to my surprise, the task of finding an unused name was not as easy as it was back in 2011 when I registered Even then, I was forced to settle for a hyphen in the domain name, which was something that never failed to annoy me, especially when sharing my email with people. I definitely wanted a domain which didn’t have a hyphen or dash in it, and I wasn’t going to compromise.

During the course of about 6 months, I had been contemplating whether or not it was the right move. I knew that it was necessary but was postponing the difficult task of choosing a new name. Better yet, I needed to make ends with the fact that I needed to let go of the original name – ThePhotographyBlog, altogether. Over 100 names were considered, and time passed quickly. I saw perfect domain names get snooped up from right under my nose just as I was about to purchase them.

But it looks like I’ve found the right one now…

So, say hello to The Mainframe.

Thanks for your ongoing support, I can’t wait for what’s to come.

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