Internet star Jake Paul’s assistant, Meg Zelly, assaulted – everything you need to know.

Internet star, Jake Paul’s daily vlog fell into a somber mood around 13 minutes in on the 18th of August.

Fellow YouTubers Erika Costell and Tony Turkillo sat with Jake and his assistant Meg Zelly to share the news of an assault that took place with the world…

The video quickly becomes more earnest with Jake saying that this “was an offline conversation with no cameras, but when I heard what happened I was so in shock, I was so disgusted that I needed to bring this situation to light.

The group then went on to explain that Jake Paul’s assistant Meg Zelly was assaulted last night by another YouTuber who was well-known in their community. Meg has an extremely noticeable bruise on her neck as a result of being grabbed.
Meg goes on to say that she knew the guy, but he didn’t know her, and after getting a good look at his face she was certain it was FaZe Banks, AKA Alissa Violet’s boyfriend.

As the video goes on, the group says that the reason that they decided to share this information is to bring awareness with Jake saying “Everyone has a responsibility to watch out for people”.

According to reports, the police are already involved and Jake and his team are figuring out a plan to ensure everyone’s safety. There is evidently a lot of drama between the YouTubers because they called out the assailant by name.

Alissa even tweeted about the matter only a few minutes after the video went live (obviously not so happy about the accusation)

The fact that Alissa tweeted so quickly after the vlog went live suggests that she knew what was coming possibly because Banks had told her about the assault and was waiting to tweet out a reply to her followers and the community of Jake Paul.

We may never hear the real truth about what really happened, but we surely going to hear more about this situation.

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