Is price the most important reason for purchasing a mobile phone?

The mobile phone has almost become an essential need in our modern society. Without it, businesses could not communicate or function correctly and communication for students among their peers as well as co-workers would be next to impossible to achieve efficiently.

Two scientists, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, originally created the telephone in the 1870’s. They both designed the devices that could transmit speech electrically and this was the basis for the creation of the mobile phone. However, it was not until the 1970’s that the first commercial models of the mobile phone were released. Over the last four decades, the hand-held devicee called a ‘smart-phone’ is used for more than just calling, the nowaday smart-phone has over 1000’s of functions from playing music, to spreadsheet applications and using social networking applications. In the business worls, the phone is used not only to make countless calls and messages each day but it is also used as a portable device to view and send emails to customers and clients.

The first phones had little function and definitely did not fit straight in your pocket, but the product has developed so far to open several international businesses such as Apple and Samsung. Currently there is an ongoing battle between the two companies not only to produce the best product, but also to dominate the global market. Samsung and Apple have great potential in their companies and this is mainly due to why people buy a phone. A business opportunity is developed by customer wants and customer needs, and the mobile phone is both a want and a need. In recent years, Nokia and Blackberry were the innovators of the decade and they sold phones on a global scale. However, when Apple came along with the iPhone, although it was more expensive, it completely re-defined the market. Blackberry and Nokia phone sales drastically dropped, which forced Blackberry close to bankruptcy.

Price is not the most important reason for purchasing a so called ‘smart-phone’…

We conducted a survey to prove this statement, or to disprove it…

The questions in the survey somewhat revolved around: What is your age? | Gender | Occupation | Do you have a phone? | What type of phone? |

First off, the results of the survey told us that only 3 people of 36 did not own a mobile phone, which actually surprised me. Most people are willing to change their phones at least once every two years, this is likely to be due to a fashion element as well as the technology of the hardware developing to much higher standards over time.

The majority of the candidates were willing to spend between 400$ — 800$ (US) This tells us that the public believes this price range is a rather reasonable price to spend on a mobile device. Many people still remain unaware of how much it takes to produce these high-end flagship smartphones in mass for the companies (little to nothing per phone).

Apple and Samsung were the most famous phones among the candidates, which did not come to any surprise. Yet only, 25% of the people questioned said that they did not believe the price was reasonable, while the others believed it was worth their money.

The last question of the survey ‘What was the main reason you purchased your mobile device?’ proved that price did not play as the most important factor when it came to the purchase of the smartphone. Due to the majority of the responses revolving around quality of product, and fashion.

So, what do you think about when buying a smartphone?

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