Meet Cloudflare Registrar – a registrar we’ll actually like…

Today, Cloudflare announced Cloudflare Registrar.

Today, Cloudflare announced Cloudflare Registrar.

Cloudflare is promising that their new domain registration service will only charge users the wholesale price that the top-level domain registry charges them. Essentially claiming that they are a non-profit domain registrar; we will only incur the cost that Cloudflare does so that they break even. Typically, registrars charge fees on top of that and try to upsell hosting plans or a variety of other services that you almost certainly won’t need.

Cloudflare’s CEO and co-founder Matthew Price said, “I’ve never heard somebody say: I love my domain registrar. We hope to create the first domain registrar people love”.

Access to the Cloudflare Registrar is rolling out in waves based on how long the user has been with Cloudflare, but you can skip the queue by donating to Girls Who Code. Given Cloudflare core service, it isn’t much of a surprise that their registry service will offer security features like built-in two-factor authentication and automatic domain lock, including WHOIS privacy protection.

It goes without saying that The Mainframe will soon become one of Cloudflare Registrar’s many satisfied users, and once we are given access more news will follow…

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