Netflix is changing the way it releases original movies – here’s what they should do instead.

It looks like Netflix’s latest strategy is to bring movies back to the big screens ?

You might think that innovation is everything at Netflix with their humble roots tracing back to a disc-by-mail service, but their latest game-changer is bringing movies back to the big screens – yes, I mean theatres.

It looks like Netflix’s latest strategy for success might actually be doing the same thing that everyone else has been doing the whole time. According to The Guardian, they have dabbled in theatrical releasing before, but only limited to a few screens for Okja last summer, nothing compared to what they have planned now. What are your thoughts on this?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think it’s a particularly smart move for Netflix, and think it will flop for sure, but who knows.

Instead of showing movies in theatres as planned, Netflix should (or could) alternatively release them as ‘live events‘, so people all over the world can watch them at the same time (in the comfort of their home). After the ‘live events’, they can then be made available to rewatch possibly only an entire week later. From a technical point of view, the engineers over at Netflix wouldn’t have to stream the film live in order for this to be possible because we all know the connectivity and latency issues that arise through live streaming. Instead, content could be pushed globally the night before, but only playable starting from one specific time.

Personally, the above appeals much more to me, but I do understand why Netflix wants movies to be a little more like movies again. But for those of us who like watching movies on our 13-inch Macbooks or 64-inch Sony Android TVs in the comfort of our home, Netflix Live, Netflix Now or whatever you want to call it just makes more sense.

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