Are you looking for a video editor?

A great filmmaker is nothing without video editing.

And I say that being a filmmaker, because it’s just true. Video editing can be difficult when you are always on the run trying to get that shot or just a business that was able to shoot a video but would still like someone to edit the video for them.

Before filling out the form below there are a couple things that you must acknowledge:

  • There is no fixed price due to the nature of video editing; each video is different to the last
  • I fully reserve the right to chose whom I partner with
  • All videos published and or edited must have been obtained in a legal manner, and ThePhotographyBlog is not liable for the use/distribution of the video (and accompanying assets) before, during, and after the project.
  • Let’s make something awesome together 🙂

Include as much information as possible when filling out the form below.

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If possible, please include links to existing work and/or links to videos you like.