The Best Incremental WordPress Backup Plugin

When looking for the ideal WordPress backup solution, you want an export file that is:

  1. Portable – can easily be transferred.
  2. Easy
  3. Automatic

But sometimes, you don’t want number three, you don’t want automatic – for some, incremental and manual backups are better and easier to manage. This can be the case if you simply want to use this extra incremental backups as an additional backup to complement some other automatic/real-time system that you have keeping your data safe already.

Websites and servers maintained by The Mainframe as a part of its private hosting group (submit your application today) are automatically backed up in increments – meaning both the server and the website are backed up say every 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on the type of site. This makes it really easy to restore a previous version in case something went wrong due to a change made on the site by one of our users. These backups are, of course, taken automatically without users having to involve themself in some sort of complex setup (and in such a way that does not consume any system resources on their website to slow it down).

However, we also sometimes take manual incremental backups – just for the extra peace of mind.

To take these backups, we use the WP All In One Migration plugin ( which is a brilliant solution that has been created by the awesome people at ServMask. Backups made using WP All in One Migration can be done to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. The we like this file so much and take it when there are huge changes on the site is because the file can be installed onto any WordPress installation (local or hosted) to test functionality or features, then exported and imported back into the live site. It’s essentially a better version of the staging environments that you get with some web hosts, because staging environments occupy your server space, often interfere with the existing installation and are always just a hassle to deal with. The file is exported in a .wordpress file format which is easily imported into another installation using the same WordPress plugin.

WP All in One Migration is also great if you’re planning to take a site offline, as in no longer intend on running it, because (who knows) you might decide to start it up again; or you might want to keep it as a memory…


Note: We have not been sponsored in anyway to mention or include ServMask in this article – The Mainframe has had no prior communication with ServMask or any of its employees in relation to writing an article. They do offer a paid product, but in order to keep everything transparent, we are not using an affiliate link of any sort. This is as a part of The Mainframe’s effort to make journalism more transparent, we don’t want to use our website and readership to sway the public’s opinion, we want to use The Mainframe to serve the greater good – help people all over the world that are interested in tech, business and marketing. Therefore, you won’t see us use affiliate links without including a disclaimer (something that other websites do all the time).

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