What does the end of net neutrality really mean to the world?

For those of you who have heard mentions of Net Neutrality in everyday conversations but are not 100% sure of the exact meaning, please take a look at the video above.

Now as to how the end of what we now know as Net Neutrality affects us; it does so in two ways.

Firstly, streaming services like Netflix which occupy a majority of your internet service provider’s bandwidth can now be slowed down and charged a fee to increase their speeds. Therefore, if Netflix or other alike services want to maintain their same profit margin they will be inclined to raise their prices. Hurting our pockets in the end.

And secondly, our internet service providers can now distinguish between internet traffic. So this means that if they wish to turn a greater profit they can begin charging users more or less based on the sites that they are using. For those of you who watch a lot of YouTube, you could, for example, be charged per video or per hour of content watched.

Now, we all know how awful this sounds. So please join us all in taking action!

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